QR Code Photo Booth

Creator / Designer                             November 2011 - Coming Soon

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Created, painted and built the site for a hand painted QR code, on masonite, that has a camera installed behind the painting. When a user takes a picture to read the QR code, the website in turn has the camera take a picture back. Once the photo is captured it displays it on the website that the user was linked to from the QR code. All photo’s are displayed inline so that users can see who also had interacted with the painting.

early sketches and project proposal mock-up

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The idea was to create a piece that echoed the interaction with the people that interacted with it. Additionally, I wanted to display a history of all the people that have interacted with it, telling its story of where its been and who it has met from gallery to gallery along the way.

The public website will also have a full screen main site that carousels thru all that have participated in the project.


There is an expectation that users will have to know what a QR code is and additionally have software in order to “read” the painting.

Interaction Decision:

An option was to build the web server into the painting. This would mean the when the site was in transit between galleries or at any time that it was not powered - users could not visit the site. This option was eventually scrapped as although a novel design limitation, it ultimately hurt the experience for people curious about the piece.

My Solution:

Behind the masonite canvas a camera and server allow the web portal to action the camera to take a picture and additionally push the photo, via the internet, up to the website.

The website will be designed with a delay in order to allow for all interactions to take place and display for the user the photo of themselves.

A full browser main page is designed for all people not directly interacting with the painting.

For legal privacy issues, the user is allowed to not share their photo to the stream and in turn delete the picture that was taken of them.