Project Journal

15 December 2023

Making Accessories For Our Rivian

Hook Image

A Backseat Tablet Holder 3D Print

For those with kiddos, I thought I’d share the print file for a simple hanger for the backseat of the Rivian to hold one of the more popular kids iPad/Tablet cases.

There is a cutout in the hanger arm so the USB-C is accessable as well as the hanger arm is extended slightly to allow you to wrap the excess cable around. There is a small gap in back that where the hanger slides into the notch on the car seat, where i’ve added a rubber adhesive backed tab to protect the plastic from scratching.


Hook Image 2

Also if you don’t have a 3D printer, I’d recommend Shapeways.

Lemme know if you’d see any opportunities for improvement.

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