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30 April 2020

Open Environmental Data Via City Bikes

Copenhagen Wheel (via http://senseable.mit.edu/copenhagenwheel/urbanData.html)

In keeping an eye on the sizable dip in air pollution across cities during the COVID-19 outbreak, I keep coming back to the environmental sensors in the original concept Copenhagen Wheel(pictured above). While it had servicing limitations - sensors needing constant calibration - that kept it from its final version, it would be awesome to see companies like Trek Bicycle putting NOx, CO, noise, and other sensors into their city share fleets to offer to municipalities a long-term hyperlocal eye on pollutions in our cities.

Building a small prototype to clip, and *lock, to city share bikes would be fairly easy. Getting the data out creates new challenges unless you can convince the rider to download an app to use as an internet bridge. I’m definitely interested in at the least making a prototype and look at what a grass roots open data effort would entale. In the least it’s good practice.

I’m curious how quick these things would get cut off the bikes by either the service techs or people looking to hack it for parts.

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