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10 October 2019

A Bike Commuter Backpack Rack

This year I was finally able to get in some considerable time biking into the office. This was the second year with a rear rack and panniers. It works, but I end up splitting what I’m carrying in half, empyting out my backpack and splitting the load over the 2 panniers. The load-unload times are measurably high and really aren’t condusive to any stops along the way without either schlepping all the gear in with me or fear of getting the bags stolen. I started asking around about options that would just strap down my backpack and maybe fold down-up like the steward chairs on airlines. I mocked up some options and started to narrow the vision down to the image below. I added a shell so that it could keep road filth off the bag and also to hug the backpack and keep it locked in place. With winter coming it may be a good time to fire up the welder and start working on making a prototype.


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