Project Journal

9 October 2019

Carboard Punch Tool 3d Project


This year I designed and 3D printed some tools for Milwaukee’s Fall Experiment. The tool was intended as a non-sharp cardboard punch to help the student participants build a vehicle during our instructor lead event.

How the students actually used the tools is beyond anything that I had anticipated. It’s extremely exciting to see the ingenuity of these students using anything in their toolkit to achieve their goal.

This was also my first 3D project using an iPad Pro, Pencil and Shapr3D; I really enjoyed the experience. It felt very natural and not as contrived as I had suspected. What was expected was that navigating using touch to get around the project was simple and natural.

FallX1 FallX2 FallX3 FallX4

Thingiverse Link

Thanks, Northwestern Mutual & Molly Schuld for sharing the pics.

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