Project Journal

20 March 2010

Ubertwitter Redesign

New UberTwitter App Icon

Redesigned the user interface, user experience and consulted in the strategic direction of application features for version 1.0 release. ÜberTwitter which is now ÜberSocial, at the time of deployment was the most popular Twitter application in the world, serving over 1.2 million users, and 2nd most downloaded application in the BlackBerry App World.

I was borught on as Head of Design, to redesign the user interface, user experience, and assist in strategic direction in the expansion of application features for the upcoming version 1.0 release.

UberTwitter Early Comps

The Challenges:

Currently the product only handled basic functionality and the design had an overall flat interaction. The application was moving into a more feature rich market covering all aspects of twitter and the objective was to make room for services beyond the basic twitter branded products that were being released.

Our Solution:

A linear scrollable navigation bar would be added to the top bar for displaying core features and optional features that the user used most frequently. Additionally, the whole application was refreshed with an entirely new user interface.

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