Project Journal

17 May 2005

The Tuppachair: A Tupperware Outdoor Chair

The Tuppachair

The Tuppa Chair was a finalist for a competition by Tupperware. The Translations in Tupperware requirement was to design or create a new unconventional function from their products. The inspiration for this new chair design came from the Salad bowls that you “burped” to seal, and was also the famous key chain pill holder. A prototype was created out of wood, metal and putty by the request of NBC news for the final showing on The Today Show.


Building out some detailed blueprints with metal ring inlays to support the weight and structure. I am still toying with the idea of building a full size prototype of this chair. With a plastic coating and closing lid I think it makes a great option for modern outdoor furniture. Additionally, the baseless option may be a great product as a kids bedroom chair, plastic is safe of sharp edges and falls, lid can close to hold toys for clean up. If you’re interested in further updates about this project, hit me with an email at: tuppachair [at] michaelmassie.com

Final Prototype Finished Prototype

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