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I am a Creative Technologist focusing on exploring tech strategy, innovation, and threat and opportunity trends for research and development. I am passionate about technical innovation that promotes social, sustainable, and environmental value. With a deep passion for the intersection of design and engineering my portfolio of work spans from the digital world to building in the physical.

Digitally, I’ve focused most of my work on tools that help simplify our lives, from location-triggered to-do lists, an alarm clock that adjusts to rain/snowfall, to disaster map integration with an address book to know when friends and family are safe. Over my career, I have designed interfaces and experiences that have impacted millions of users worldwide, throughout the entire product life-cycle – from research, concept, prototype, to deployment.

Physically, I’ve built prototype internet-connected art pieces, GPS-based lamps, IoT piggy bank, to augmented reality board games. Some of these projects I’ve created have even shown up in places like the NY Times, TechCrunch, and Make: Magazine.

Outside of the office/workshop, I spend as much time as possible enjoying my family and our great outdoors, from trail running, mountain biking, to sailing.

Email me at: hello [at] michaelmassie [dot] com